April 28, 2002

great expectations

Yesterday was supposed to be the shiznat; it ended up with a stench rather similar to that.

11:00. Was supposed to meet a guy to figure out whether I'm playing piano at his wedding or not. I waited until 11:10, and it was a no-show. Called him up, rescheduled for today. If he flakes on me again, no piano playing for him!

12:00. Was supposed to meet somone for lunch and hang out for a few hours. I waited until 12:15, and it was a no-show.

3:30. Was supposed to meet someone for coffee. I ended up arriving early, but nothing ended up happening until 4, so I had to sit around twiddling my thumbs in the meantime.

5:00. Had nothing scheduled until 7, so I went to tease my friends in the Soda Hall lab who were doing their projects.

7:00. Waited for a few minutes in front of Soda Hall; I gave my friend I was supposed to meet a call, and he was still at home! Anyways, we ended up getting the group together and headed out to San Francisco for dinner and club.

The hi-light of my day was going up to a DJ and asking her to play Britney Spears. Hey, at least I got a free coke for that. :)

Anyways, I might have expected too much when I woke up Saturday morning. I certainly wasn't expecting to be pretty much flaked for every event I planned on. My time's important, and if they don't care to respect that, I can always make plans with other people who do. Oh well, I'll just make sure not to schedule too much with them next time.

On friday, I headed out to the Albatross, and I met this real cool drunken lawyer and a few folks who were in town for a lighting convention (don't ask me, heh). The lawyer was from Pennsylvania and the lighting dudes were from Georgia; they kept joking that the Civil War has still been going on for the past 150 years. Few things learned: "breathe through your toes," "you can always count on hate," "we're not cheating us, we're cheating them," and also Laertes is Ophelia's brother (I forgot that!). Ah, what a bunch of goons.

Today, I've got a wedding to attend; it should be fun. :)

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