April 13, 2002


I wake up this morning, and what do I see outside? Clear skies and bright sun! So, I decide to take the car out for a spinnie-spin! I pop a J-pop CD in the radio, and I head out first for Moraga/Orinda; Moraga Road there is a nice drive. Well, I just keep driving and driving, looking for single-lane roads and trying to stay away from the freeway. I especially like roads with the "speed checked by radar" signs on them: then you know it's gonna be a good fast ride! Zoom!

I just kept going, and I stopped looking for street signs or anything; I didn't know what city I was in anymore. I decided I was going to stop and turn around when I saw the first 7-11 (so I could buy a slurpee, of course). Well, I never found a 7-11.

The last road I was on had this awesome view of rolling green hills and a view of this valley: it was incredible! Driving by golf courses and beautiful houses (and pretty flowers!), I started to notice the road getting a little cramped. And then it started go winding left and right, and civilization started to vanish. I began to worry that a farmer would pop out of nowhere and point a shotgun at me.

At this point, my CD had finished, and I hit a "not a through street" sign, so I decided it was time to do a loopie back around. At this point, I somehow decide that I'm a racecar driver and that I can drive fast like any bad-arsed mofo. So I'm making lefts and rights on this winding road, and I eventually see this 10mph turn ahead of me, so I pop it into neutral and turn that badboy around it at something like 30-40mph; at this point, the laws of physics decide to make my left front tire lose traction and make these poppity skidding noises--sweet moses, I'm doing a front-wheel drift. I immediately pop the car back in gear and hit the gas before Mr. Physics decides to topple me over into some poor redneck's backyard.

Ladies and gentlemen, I could have died right there and no one would have known for a few days!

Anyhow, it turns out that your trusty hero was somewhere in/around Castro Valley driving on Foothill Road. I wish I had a nice convertable to drive up there.

That's it for now--until my next adventure!

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