March 20, 2002

talking shoes, missing ice, giant robots, and bad sex

You can get a pair of talking shoes for only 27 smackers. Be afraid; be very afraid.

Looking at a photo of missing ice made me think that it was just a landing pad for alien spacecraft. Geez, that thing just disappeared in a matter of a few days (Feb 17-Mar 5). Too much X-Files for me.

Anyone who knows Gundam knows what the GP-03 Dendrobium from Gundam 0083 is and why it's any Gundam otaku's wet-dream to get a model of it. Well, B-Club had one selling for quite a hefty price for a while. Now, Bandai's gotten smart and has released its own kit. Salivate in utter astonishment.

Some women are overly-sarcastic about what they want.

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