March 16, 2002

you're so money

I watched Shrek for the first time today. I thoroughly enjoyed the humor in it, but the ending was just too incredibly cheesy for my tastes. I'll say, overall, I give it an 8.

Then I later went out and rented Swingers because someone insisted that I just had to watch it. I thought it was OK, and I rate it a 6. I don't exactly agree with everything that went on, and I ended up incredibly frustrated with Mike. Initially, sure, I have some smidgen of sympathy for the guy, but after a while he just becomes unbearably annoying: I just wanted to go up and slap him around. In the end, I still felt unsatisfied with his attitude, and I don't get the sense that he's learned anything at all.

Another thing I noticed was after the first time Mike checks his messages, the answering machine disappears when he's walking away. I thought that was supposed to be part of the film, but later on I realize it wasn't... hmm!

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