March 10, 2002

the dorm is the car of college students

When I was back at school in Pitzer College, I remember there was this one girl who had these plush toys hanging on her bed--hmm, maybe not plush toys, but they were stuffed with those things beanie babies are stuffed with. Anyhow, she had a snake, a frog, and some other various ones hanging there. I recall her saying that she'd observe which one of them people would touch/pick up first. If I can remember correctly, the guys would most likely deal with the snake first, and the gals would deal with the frog first.

So, today I'm driving my car along, and I notice a car driving alongside me; and on her dashboard, there's a sticker. I couldn't make out the sticker, and obviously not anything that it said on it or whatnot. However, what immediately came to my mind was this girl at Pitzer who had plush toys in her bedroom.

Now, I'm thinking maybe I can figure out a few ornaments to place in my car to be used as psychology props. This experiment obviously won't work in my bedroom (there just aren't as many people entering my bedroom as I wish there to be, if you know what I mean...).

Then it comes to mind: "Hey, a college dorm is kind of like your car; you sit there and chat, listening to the owner's music, perusing about, picking up various plush toys, and doing... err... various other activities."

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