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eleven schools later
Yup! In fine becoming of Bachelor of Artistry, I shall let ye all see me and molest me, and yea, I can say thanks to everyone who's shown me what a kick-ass world this can be. For more instructions about the party, click on the pretty icon:

Please RSVP at the site, so we can prepare for how many folks will be coming! And, bring something yourself too. :)

ten days to the end of an era

Ten days will make it the end of seven years.

Pitzer College
Pomona College
Harvey Mudd College
Laney College
Merritt College
UC Berkeley Extension
UC Berkeley Summer Sessions
Vista College
Alameda College
Foothill College
San Francisco State University
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

I'm not yet sure either how to end it or begin the next phase.


It's the funnest shit to say Star Wars lines in Japanese:


Sean got rolled into the blogosphere now. Amazing.

I didn't know about this new fangled blogging on Friendster.

bow-wow dating
Speed Petting has got to be the most ridiculously named dating event I've ever heard of.

see thru screens

Pretty cool, eh? See more, or do it yourself. Heard from a Wizards of Technology Podcast.

circus maximus
Bryan Butterfield told me that he saw a special on the telly on modern day chariot races. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything.

However, I did discover a device called the Tachanka that's a descendent of ancient chariots and was utilized and made popular during the Russian Civil War from 1917-1920s:
It could approach the target pretending to be a civilian vehicle and then open up with well-aimed fire. Or else it could spray a target area while moving at high speed. Both methods are well suited for use in guerilla warfare.
Anyone else wanna try their hands at the google reigns?

can i get an x-fighter too?
Walkable giant robot! Star Wars geeks will probably get a kick out of it, since it sure looks a lot like an AT-ST.

Some other guys were trying to do something like it in Bakersfield, California, but they've been pretty darn slow at it.

From Sach Jobb.

hmm, should i teach for jet too?
Andy was recently reading about a English Teacher in Japan who got grabbed in the nuts by middle schoolers:
Ok. So anyway, the whole "black men have big dicks" stereotype stretches far and wide, even to the nation's 12 year olds. Part of why I'm here is not just to kind of sort of help teach English, but to "broaden cultural perceptions". Break stereotypes, challenge preconcieved notions, all that jazz. That's good and all, but this is one stereotype I think I'm just gonna let slide.

So anyway, I get asked "bigu dikku" A LOT. Every 2-3 days in fact, which is amazing considering I got asked this question about 2-3 times *in my entire life* in America. Locker room jokes aside. How do you answer that anyway? To a 12-15 year old? I wave them off and say "No no no." Then they say "Oh, sumaru dikku?" (trans. "Small dick?") and OF COURSE that's wrong so I have to correct them. It's just a no-win stiuation.

On the days I'm avoiding them asking me that, I'm avoiding them actually trying to grab it. I shit you not, I have to play Dodgedick with Japanese Jr. High kids on a weekly basis. Boys and girls! Age, gender, doesn't matter, they all want a stab at it. The boys are actually more persistant though. I had one boy grab for it, and when I said "No!" he put his hands together and, in English, said "Please!" Oh hell no. I was sitting next to a 12-year old boy who kept grabbing at it, and when I told him "No!" he asked "Why not?" I wondered if there weren't some cultural bounds I wasn't understsanding, so I said clearly "age 10 years and become female since birth, then we'll talk." His solution was to ask the girl sitting next to him to trade seats, grab my dick, and tell him about it.

That is so NOT what I meant.
Ah, Japan Japan Japan.

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