-5178 days until E.S.L.!
-5182 days until the official RSVP ends.

At long freakin' last, moi, Ivan Tse, shall be retiring myself from student life and moving on to the Big Bad Real World. So, in the long-standing tradition of Ivan-ness, a party of massive proportions is required to pop the cap on this pompous phenomenon of post-pupil promotion.

To more-so mark the occasion to its fullest flagellation, I'll be taking a shot of some sorts of ridiculous alcohols for each of the eleven schools I've attended:

  1. Pitzer College
  2. Pomona College
  3. Harvey Mudd College
  4. Laney College
  5. Merritt College
  6. UC Berkeley (Extension/Summer)
  7. Vista College
  8. Alameda College
  9. Foothill College
  10. San Francisco State University
  11. Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Who: If you're reading this then you're invited!
When: June 18th, 3:00pm
Where: Ivan's home in Oakland, CA!
What: Big Party! Big BBQ! Big Potluck! Just come!

Need help on getting to the smashing bash? Check out the directions or let google maps help you.

586 Weldon Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610
google maps

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