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AX2001 Page
AX2002 Scribble

Log [warning, spoilers]:
04.12.2003	[ Colorful ]
		Luis lent this DVD to me, and I finally got a chance to
		finish it. Good lord that's some crazy, silly, ecchi stuff.
		It's all about the shoestore one.

12.04.2002	[ Iketeru Futari eps1-6 ]

12.04.2002	[ Najika Dengeki Sakusen eps1-4 ]
		This is kinda of like Noir combined with Agent Aika. WTF!
		Anime-FX, the anime club at SFSU was having a fan service

07.14.2002	[ Onegai Sensei eps6-12 ]

07.13.2002	[ Onegai Sensei eps1-5 ]

03.21.2002	[ Barefoot Gen ]
		Watched this in my Japanese Culture class. Right up there
		with Grave of the Fireflies.

02.19.2002	[ Rurouni Kenshin eps63-65 ]

02.15.2002	[ Blood ]
		Boring. Drawn in a style I'm not particularly fond of; I
		guess you could say it was drawn more "maturely," but I
		really don't dig my anime that way. Music was
		uninteresting, story was dull, and the characters sucked.
		Good thing it was only 40 minutes!

02.01.2002	[ Gatekeepers eps1-5 ]
		Funny in a dumb sort of way. The baddies are just
		incredibly lame, yet it's sort of chuckly seeing the next
		lame configuration they use. And of course, there's the
		nicely placed arrows of Rurippe. ^.^;

01.25.2002	[ Metropolis ]
		Enjoyable prettiness: I particularly liked the old
		character designs on top of the CG--I thought that worked
		quite well. The story was rather bland, and you don't ever
		get a feel for any one of them. I liked how the jazz music
		was mixed into it, however.

01.02.2002	[ Kodomo no Omacha eps1-2 ]
		This is starting off rather annoyingly.

12.01.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin eps59-62 ]
		For some reason I ended up crying for the last two
		episodes--I'm not sure why. I remain confused and
		befuddled yet pleased.

12.01.2001	[ Fruits Basket eps1-2 ]
		The opening theme song is so pretty! Most of the music
		throughout the episodes is good too. I'm wondering where
		the story is going; it seems like some plot is building up.

11.25.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin eps54-58 ]
		Gosh darnit, I really need to watch less anime and do more

11.24.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin eps51-53 ]

11.23.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin eps47-50 ]
		Had a bit too much sake to drink... but then I just had to
		watch some more before I passed out.

11.22.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin eps41-46 ]
		Ate too much... had a nap... woke up and watched Kenshin.

11.21.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin eps32-40 ]
		Hmm, in ep40, he didn't know it was a sakaba sword, but he
		pulled it out with intent to kill thinking it was a

11.18.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin eps28-31 ]
		Such wholesome goodness!

11.17.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin eps22-27 ]

11.16.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin eps18-21 ]
		Hmm, 21 is truncated... not good....

11.10.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin eps15-17 ]
		After a long, tiresome week, I needed to get something to
		mellow down with.

10.13.2001	[ Cowboy Bebop eps9-10 ]

10.13.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin ep14 ]

10.12.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin eps7-13 ]
		Great feel-good series with irresistable characters and
		great music!

10.06.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin eps3-6 ]

10.06.2001	[ Fushigi Yuugi OAV1 eps1-3 ]

10.05.2001	[ Fushigi Yuugi eps35-52 ]
		OMG, I can't believe they did that at the end, those

10.05.2001	[ Steel Angel Kurumi 2 ep2 ]
		What's really really annoying is how Kurumi emphasizes her
		"desu"s so much!

10.04.2001	[ Steel Angel Kurumi 2 ep1 ]

10.04.2001	[ Read Or Die ep1 ]
		Hehe, Yomiko is really cute and Nancy is really... err,
		hehe. I like the newish-old technology, and the artwork is
		very well done except a few parts where the animation was a
		bit jumpy. The music is light-hearted and engaging, but the
		action sequences aren't interesting and nor are the
		enemies. It's fun to see Nancy jump around tho. :) I really
		love that part where Yomiko is whirling around and yelling
		out authors' names in a hashed voice; kawaii!

10.01.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin ep2 ]

09.29.2001	[ Cowboy Bebop eps6-8 ]
		I'm really liking this series.

09.28.2001	[ Fushigi Yuugi eps31-34 ]
		(yes, actual tears!)
		Darn Watase for building it up... and the drama! gah! Total

09.28.2001	[ Rurouni Kenshin ep1 ]

09.28.2001	[ Cowboy Bebop ep5 ]
		Yoko Kanno shines through once again. Another to add onto
		my anime soundtrack to-get list.

09.27.2001	[ Fushigi Yuugi eps25-30 ]
		Episode 27 is too sad!!!! :~(

09.26.2001	[ Fushigi Yuugi eps19-24 ]
		This thing seems to be dragging. Every several episodes,
		you think it's going to end, then it somehow swivels itself
		back onto some sort of plot and then it keeps going again,

09.25.2001	[ Cowboy Bebop eps3-4 ]
		Mmm, Faye Valentine. Kawamoto knows how to make them well.
		It's all about the hairband. :)

09.24.2001	[ Fushigi Yuugi eps14-18 ]
		My favorite character so far is Chichiri... kakkoi!! ^_^

09.23.2001	[ 3x3 Eyes OAV2 eps1-3 ]
		I like the ending to this.

09.22.2001	[ Fushigi Yuugi eps6-12 ]
		Darned love polyhedra.

09.22.2001	[ Fushigi Yuugi eps1-5 ]
		Looks good so-far. :)

09.21.2001	[ Cowboy Bebop eps1-2 ]

09.20.2001	[ Mobile Suit Gundam ep37 ]
		Darned CN! I guess I won't be able to see anymore episodes
		for a while since they just seem to be showing DragonBall
		from now on.

09.20.2001	[ Magic Knights Rayearth eps14-20 ]
		OK, so the last episode actually had some goodness to it.
		But about that Emeraude babe, she was just sitting on that
		flower crying through the whole series--what's up with
		that? Doesn't that get kind of boring? The music, however,
		was overly-dramatic, yet suitable and enjoyable.

09.19.2001	[ Magic Knights Rayearth eps11-13 ]

09.19.2001	[ Magic Knights Rayearth eps6-10 ]
		So let me get this straight... there are these three
		highschool girls with magical powers in another world.
		They're being chased by some chick with huge boobs and a
		kid who has practically no powers other than whipping out
		some big animal/insect once in a while--both of which just
		endlessly claim failure after failure. Then there's a cute
		cuddly creature named Mokona that provides the three girls
		with all their necessary girl accessories: delicious food,
		medicines, and even a cute house to spend the night in
		because heaven forbid they have to sleep on the ground.
		Sheesh! And now there seems to be mechs being integrated
		into the story...

09.18.2001	[ Magic Knights Rayearth eps1-5 ]

09.17.2001      [ Neon Genesis: Evangelion ep25-26 ]
		I felt like re-watching these. It's still good stuff, baby.

09.17.2001	[ EDENs BOwY ep1 ]

09.17.2001	[ Magnetic Rose ]
		This was pretty short. I liked the story, but I wish it
		didn't have to end so shortly.

09.16.2001	[ Spriggan ]
		Beautiful animation, spectacular cinematography, awesome
		action sequences.

09.16.2001	[ Momoiro Sisters ep1 ]
		It's rather... er... weird.

09.16.2001	[ Love Hina ep25 ]

09.16.2001	[ Love Hina Spring Special ]
		Pretty animation, just... lame story (though there are a
		few nice soft spots), but the singing was really annoying.

09.16.2001	[ Mobile Suit Gundam ep35 ]
		Doh, Cartoon Network didn't air MSG on Tuesday and instead
		showed DragonBall; so no ep36 for me to watch. :(

09.15.2001	[ 3x3 Eyes OAV1 eps1-4 ]
		I've seen this before from 10th grade, but I never finished
		ep4; it's nice to have a refresher and actually understand
		what they're saying this time.

09.13.2001	[ Mobile Suit Gundam eps31-34 ]
		Kind of weird watching stuff after last Tuesday, but I
		needed something to take my mind off it; been thinking
		about it nearly nonstop for the past few days. Anyways, two
		episodes I missed because of some problem with the
		recordings. The story's gotten much better now, and the
		Newtype-isms of Amuro are starting to show up--most likely
		because they're in space now. That whole Sleuger and Mirai
		thing was rather weird too.

09.04.2001	[ Mobile Suit Gundam eps26-29 ]

09.03.2001	[ NieA_7 eps1-2 ]
		This is a really cute series, and Mayu seems like a very
		interesting character. The art is very well done, and the
		music works right with a show. I think we may have a
		winner here!

09.02.2001	[ Noir eps11-13 ]
		My second viewing today. I've noticed there's more variety
		in the music now (that main theme was starting to get
		pretty overplayed). Eps12 and 13 are really good, which
		kind of makes my earlier entry seem weird. Let's just hope
		it stays entertaining.

09.02.2001	[ Noir eps8-10 ]
		I still don't find this series as everyone seems to make it
		out to be. Sure, it has really beautiful art (great use of
		lighting, and it has a really dark yet "shiny" feel to it),
		and the music is great too. But the characters (so far)
		have been fairly dull, and the story doesn't intrigue me
		that much. I'm hoping it'll get better as it goes along,
		and things will perhaps start tying together, but right now
		it just seems like a bunch of loose spaghetti.

09.02.2001	[ DiGi Charat: Summer 2000 Special ]
		Was rather boring, and the bug guy was just plain annoying.

08.30.2001	[ Mobile Suit Gundam eps24-25 ]

08.29.2001	[ Mobile Suit Gundam eps20-23 ]
		Dang, still so jetlagged, and I got all this work I need to
		do for people and stuff, gah!

08.28.2001	[ Mobile Suit Gundam eps17-19 ]

08.27.2001	[ Mobile Suit Gundam ep16 ]
		Got back from Europe last night... pretty jet lagged right
		now, so I can't watch too much (too sleepy!).

08.15.2001	[ Gundam X eps29-39 ]
		There are some things that are kind of lame, like the two
		brothers' reason for fighting. There are a lot of emotional
		parts throughout the series, which makes it big winner in
		my book. Hehe, also notice the two brothers are still alive
		at the very end when the camera zooms out from the crowd.
		Yoshta! Time for another series to watch I guess. :)
		Oh yea, one more thing, in one of the earlier battles in
		space, I noticed someone mentioning the 8th Mobile Suit
		team was wiped out; I thought that was funny, tee hee.

08.14.2001	[ Gundam X eps20-28 ]
		Hehe, in ep25, the two baddie brothers are talking to each
		other, and the younger one says "I see, We are going to
		do something evil." hehehe!

08.13.2001	[ Mobile Suit Gundam eps14-15 ]
		The bomb sequence in ep14 is really well done with the

08.12.2001	[ Mobile Suit Gundam eps11-13 ]
		Ep11 such a sad ending. Not sure if it's the dubbing or what,
		but Amuro seems so strange. He's supposed to be a cold
		character, but he seems a bit robotic at times.

08.10.2001	[ Gundam X eps15-19 ]
		Episode 19 with the story of Jamil and Luchilu is so sad.
		I'm such a sucker for stories like that. :~(
		"Sorry, I couldn't save you in the end."

08.10.2001	[ Mobile Suit Gundam eps9-10 ]

08.09.2001	[ Gundam X eps8-14 ]
		That Enil is pretty gosh-darned hot. :P  Reminds me of Kiki
		from 08th Team.

08.08.2001	[ Mobile Suit Gundam eps5-8 ]

08.06.2001	[ Gundam X eps6-7 ]
		Rewatched this series from the start; didn't realize it the
		first time I watched it that the soundtrack was so good.

08.06.2001      [ Card Captor Sakura eps14-16 ]

08.05.2001	[ Slayers Next eps23-25 ]
		Doh, will have to wait a while for ep26; guess I'll be
		doing a bunch of CCS watching for now.

08.05.2001	[ Card Captor Sakura eps12-13 ]

08.05.2001	[ Slayers Next eps18-22 ]

08.05.2001	[ Boys Be... ep7 ]
		Had this sitting around, and just hadn't watched it yet.

08.04.2001	[ Slayers Next eps14-17 ]

08.04.2001	[ Card Captor Sakura eps6-11 ]
		Finally got myself a soundcard for my WindowsME machine;
		it's a cheapie SoundBlaster PCI128 I got for $21. So, I've
		been making use of it by watching a bunch of CCS. The
		series isn't necessarily the most thrilling, but it's
		pretty--Sakura wears all those cool costumes! The last few
		minutes of ep11 are screwed up on my version, so I'll have
		to figure out a way to get another version.

08.03.2001	[ Card Captor Sakura eps2-5 ]

08.03.2001	[ Gun Buster 1-6 ]
		Man, Gainax just makes too much good anime. Although the
		action at the end of part 5 was kind of unrealistic, Gainax
		just hits right at the heart with at least a teardrop for
		each half-hour. This is really an amazing work. Also, the
		mech in part 6 was called the "Sizzler-black" ... hehe,
		Gainax is across the street from Sizzlers. And "Gun Buster"
		sounds a lot like "gambatte" !

08.02.2001	[ Marmalade Boy Movie ]
		This thing's pretty gosh darned short. T'was a bit slow,
		probably on purpose, but was cool nonetheless; answered a
		few questions about the beginning.

08.02.2001	[ Marmalade Boy ep76 ]
		omg, I finally finished it! Such a good series! Now I get
		that empty feeling after finishing a long series, and I
		wonder how Miki-chan's doing and all. :(

08.01.2001	[ Marmalade Boy eps66-75 ]

07.31.2001	[ Marmalade Boy eps58-65 ]

07.29.2001	[ Slayers Next eps5-13 ]

07.29.2001	[ Mobile Suit Gundam eps1-4 ]
		Watched this at LAN's place from his recording off Cartoon
		Network. The story reminds me a lot of Robotech.

07.28.2001	[ Marmalade Boy eps55-57 ]

07.27.2001	[ Card Captor Sakura ep1 ]

07.26.2001	[ Marmalde Boy eps51-54 ]
		OMG! Yuu left for New York! What will happen to Miki? I
		like how MB isn't too sappy even at the serious parts.
		Sure, there are corny bits, but relationships are like
		that, right? :P

07.26.2001	[ Slayers Next eps2-4 ]
		finished my final for english1b, now I get to sit home
		vegetate while watching anime!

07.25.2001	[ Slayers Next ep1 ]
		t'was on same CD as Slayers ep26, wow, the art in Next is
		spectacular! It looks like an OAV (well, I guess compared
		to the first series).

07.25.2001	[ Slayers eps22-26 ]
		wow, it gets really really good at the end... I was almost
		(!) in tears in ep25 when.... !! :~(

07.24.2001	[ Slayers eps16-21 ]
		omg, the series is getting really good now; my favorite
		character is Gourry :D

07.23.2001	[ Slayers eps13-15 ]
		hehe, starting to get funny now, I didn't think the earlier
		ep's were that funny, but these are getting some good
		laughs in, and the story's progressing along nice :)

07.22.2001	[ Marmalade Boy eps49-50 ]
		finally have time to get back into MB

Repertoire [by date]:
  1. Robotech
  2. Macross: Do You Remember Love?
  3. Macross II
  4. Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket
  5. Akira
  6. Ghost in the Shell
  7. 3x3 Eyes [09.23.2001]
  8. Tenchi Movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love
  9. Slam Dunk [undone]
  10. Macross Plus
  11. Macross 7
  12. Neon Genesis: Evangelion
  13. Tenku no Escaflowne
  14. Flame of Recca
  15. Hakkenden
  16. Gundam W [undone]
  17. Gundam 0083
  18. Evangelion: Death/Rebirth
  19. Evangelion: End of Eva
  20. Gundam 0093: Char's Counterattack
  21. Tenchi in Tokyo
  22. Grave of the Fireflies
  23. Princess Mononoke
  24. Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness
  25. On Your Mark
  26. Sakura Diaries [undone: 4]
  27. Initial-D: First Stage
  28. Serial Experiements Lain
  29. Ruroni Kenshin OAV
  30. FLCL
  31. Dual: Parallel Trouble Adventure
  32. Gundam 08th MS Team
  33. Tenchi Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness
  34. Gundam X [08.15.2001]
  35. Giant Robo [undone]
  36. Nadesico
  37. Slayers [07.25.01]
  38. DiGi Charat
  39. Trigun
  40. Ah! Megumi-sama
  41. The Royal Space Force--Wings of Honneamise
  42. Kiki's Delivery Service
  43. My Neighbor, Totoro
  44. Ponpoko
  45. To Heart [undone]
  46. Otaku no Video
  47. Initial-D: Second Stage
  48. Marmalade Boy [08.02.2001]
  49. Vandread
  50. Love Hina
  51. eX-Driver [undone]
  52. Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran [undone: 9]
  53. Inu Yasha [undone: 10]
  54. Kaikan Phrase [undone]
  55. Amazing Nurse Nanako [undone: 3]
  56. Boys Be... [undone: 7]
  57. Love Hina: Christmas Special
  58. Initial-D: Extra Stage
  59. DiGi Charat: Christmas Special
  60. Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou
  61. Perfect Blue
  62. Ah! Megumi-sama Movie
  63. Initial-D: Third Stage [Movie]
  64. Noir [undone: 13]
  65. Excel Saga [undone: 10]
  66. Slayers Next [undone: 25]
  67. Card Captor Sakura [undone: 16]
  68. Mobile Suit Gundam [undone: 37]
  69. Marmalade Boy Movie [08.02.2001]
  70. Gun Buster [08.03.2001]
  71. DiGi Charat: Summer 2000 Special
  72. NieA_7 [undone: 2]
  73. Love Hina Spring Special [09.16.2001]
  74. Love Hina ep25 [09.16.2001]
  75. Spriggan [09.16.2001]
  76. Magnetic Rose [09.17.2001]
  77. Momoiro Sisters [undone: 1]
  78. EDENs BOwY [undone: 1]
  79. Magic Knights Rayearth [09.20.2001]
  80. Cowboy Bebop [undone: 10]
  81. Fushigi Yuugi [10.05.2001]
  82. Rurouni Kenshin [undone]
  83. Read Or Die [undone: 1]
  84. Steel Angel Kurumi 2 [undone: 2]
  85. Fushigi Yuugi OAV1 [10.06.2001]
  86. Fruits Basket [undone: 2]
  87. Kodomo no Omacha [undone: 2]
  88. Metropolis [01.25.2002]
  89. Gatekeepers [undone: 5]
  90. Blood [02.15.2002]
  91. Barefoot Gen [03.21.2002]
  92. Hellsing [undone: 1]
  93. Steel Angel Kurumi [undone: 1]
  94. Arjuna [undone: 1]
  95. Onegai Sensei [07.14.2002]
  96. Najika Dengeki Sakusen [undone: 4]
  97. Iketeru Futari [undone: 7]
  98. Colorful [04.12.2003]
Overall Favorites:
  1. Neon Genesis: Evangelion
  2. Serial Experiments Lain
  3. Gun Buster
  4. Initial D: First Stage
  5. FLCL
  6. Gundam 08th MS Team
Comedy Favorites:
  1. DiGi Charat
  2. Excel Saga
  3. Kazemakaze Tsukikage Ran
  4. Slayers
  5. Trigun
  6. Nadesico
Drama Favorites:
  1. Neon Genesis: Evangelion
  2. Gun Buster
  3. Serial Experiements Lain
  4. Grave of the Fireflies
  5. Ruroni Kenshin OAV
  6. The Royal Space Force--Wings of Honneamise
Action Favorites:
  1. Initial D: First Stage
  2. Ruroni Kenshin OAV
  3. Tenkuu no Escaflowne
  4. Evangelion: End of Eva
  5. Gundam 0083
Romance Favorites:
  1. Marmalade Boy
  2. Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou
  3. Ah! Megumi-sama
  4. Boys Be
  5. Gundam 08th MS Team
Art Favorites:
  1. Ah! Megumi-sama
  2. eX-Driver
  3. Giant Robo
  4. Neon Genesis: Evangelion
Music Favorites:
  1. Initial D: First Stage
  2. Tenkuu no Escaflowne
  3. Noir
  4. On Your Mark ^_^
  5. Marmalade Boy
Girl Favorites:
  1. Sakuya of Shin Tenchi
  2. Ayna of 08th MS Team
  3. Mutsumi of Love Hina
  4. Belldandy of Ah! Megumi-sama
  5. Arimi of Marmalade Boy


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