So, maybe you've been searching the web for me (you stalker!) and have wondered which one is the real me? Well, I've decided to do all the dirty work for you and have found sites which refer to me! Now you can be a much more thorough stalker.

Tse Pak On's Buddies! - my brother, Conrad, saying silly things about me and other folks.

Conrad's Old Page - this stale page is just sitting around on the web, collecting dust.

ACSE Newsletter 1998, Vol XLVI No. 8 - yes, we built a bridge out of balsa wood, got kudos with the ACSE, then went to their monthly meeting at a local bar/brewery and ate ribs and got drunk! OK, maybe not the drunken part.

Pitzer Press, April 26, 1999 - back in the days of yore, I was at Pitzer College where I was once elected Sophomore class representative. What I find to be of stupendous hilarity is that there is a picture of my ol' buddy Brett on their webpage; not only is he wearing his Birkenstocks he'd always have on, but he's got his tear-off pants on too, hah!

Pink House - I used to live with a zany mozaic of folks in a house with a pink hue; there's even a new site that's been put up!

Kelly's Forum - I like to pretend to troll here once in a while, wreaking havoc with the local inhabitants.

craisin.com - beware, bandwidth deprived browsers, brace yourselves.

Hud's Cabin - he linked to me cause I'm cool like that.

Grumm's Site - Scott Farararararararar!


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