Ivan P Tse
ivan [at] freeshell [dot] org


IMP Foods, Inc.						San Mateo, CA
Systems Administrator, Consultant, Order Taker		03/03 - Present

    o Designed and developed web-based interface to previously
      exclusively phone-based Avaya voicemail system using
      PHP/MySQL/Javascript, and linked together with client database.
    o Installed, configured, and administered Linux server with
      Apache, PHP, and MySQL.
    o Currently programming and designing Java-based Rich Client to
      replace existing client, product, as well as administrative
      databases interfaces with a new, streamlined GUI implemented
      with Swing/XMLGUI.
    o Currently developing menu system to be used to create,
      distribute (via e-mail and fax), and manage multiple daily
      menus and linking to product and client databases.

Barnes & Noble, Inc.					Emeryville, CA
Cafe Server/Barista					10/02 - Present

    o Greeted and served customers and accepted orders in a friendly,
      timely manner.
    o Served a variety of drinks, including coffee, espresso, iced, and
      blended beverages, as well as serving pastries and sandwiches.
    o Worked alongside fellow baristas in a fast-paced environment,
      developing strong communication and customer service skills.
    o Developed proficiency in operation of Cafina espresso machine as
      well as cashier and POS machines.

University of California, Berkeley			Berkeley, CA
Computer Science Course Reader/Tutor			9/00 - 12/01

    o Worked extensively with a variety of programming languages,
      including: Java, C, C++, Scheme, and Shell Script.
    o Communicated extensively with professors, staff, and students
      concerning development and improvement of current curriculum.
    o Developed within the Solaris UNIX environment running X with
    o Evaluated assignments and projects submitted by students, including
      running, debugging, and communicating with students about the

Steinhart & Falconer LLP				San Francisco, CA
Web Engineer and Administrator				1/00 - 5/00

    o Responsible for implementation of web designs and backends for
      Internet and Intranet web sites as well as administration of web server
      running Linux.
    o Programmed and developed scripts and web applications using Perl.
    o Installed, configured, and administered Linux web server with Apache
      as well as RealServer for streaming video and audio to host data
      within the company Intranet.
    o Integrated Intranet web content with existing document management
      system over Novell/Windows NT environment to assist client in future
      maintenance of Intranet web documents.

Claremont5c.org						Oakland, CA
Web Engineer and Forum Moderator			9/00 - 5/01

    o Responsible for implementation and design of PHP scripts run on the
      site as well as primary advisor to the Project Manager for community
      resource site of the Claremont Colleges (www.claremont5c.org).
    o Created original logo design for the site as well as original site
      design and layout.
    o Moderator of public forum system.

PinkBunnies.com						Oakland, CA
Web Engineer and Co-founder				6/97 - Present

    o Conceptualized, designed, and implemented site and corresponding
      backend for online gaming community, The Pink Bunnies
    o Developed scripts and web applications using Perl and PHP.
    o Created original logo design for the organization.
    o Co-founder and former President until stepped down in 1999 to shift
      focus on site.
    o Original site backend powered by Perl/CGI with file-based database
      system until January 200 shifted site to PHP3 with PostgreSQL,
      ultimately leading to the current implementation with PHP4/CSS on top
      of MySQL.

City of Oakland						Oakland, CA
Engineering Internship					5/97 - 8/97

    o map entry and updating with ArcView GIS
    o Adobe Illustrator
    o Zoning Department

Bay Area Rapid Transit District				Oakland, CA
Engineering Internship					5/96 - 8/96

    o Drafting
    o Industrial reproducion of schematics
    o Inventory tracking


San Francisco State University				San Francisco, CA
Japanese (Diploma: B.A., May 2005)			1/02 - 5/05

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies			Kyoto, Japan
Foreign Exchange/Japanese				9/03 - 9/04

Sair Linux and GNU Certification			San Jose, CA
Certified Professional: 4475F7				8/15/2000

University of California, Berkeley			Berkeley, CA
Independent/Extension Student				5/00 - 12/01

Pitzer College						Claremont, CA
Philosophy/Mathematics					9/98 - 1/00


    Languages	C, Java, Scheme/Lisp, MIPS Assembly, SAS, Pascal, REX.
    Scripting	Perl, PHP3/4, Javascript, Bourne Shell.
    Documents	HTML, CSS, La/TeX.
    Database	PostgreSQL, MySQL.
    Systems	Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows, MacOS X.
    Other	AutoCAD R13/14.


    Chinese (Cantonese): Conversation Level.
    Japanese: Business Level.
    Use of industrial metal-working machines: lathe, drill press.
    Use of Cafina espresso machine as well cashier and POS machines.