who am i?
ivan: a chinese man with a russian name who studies japanese.
I can also be found at various places around the Internet.

what the hell am i doing with an outlet for speech on the web?
god bless america!

what the hell are you writing about?
since nowadays people are getting all serious and shit about blogging (i've never really considered myself as a blogger, but i guess i am and stuff), i like to write about garbage like: computer geekiness, japan's absolute chaos, occasional political and societal rages, my travels, and partying too much with my friends.

where am i?
kyoto, japan

how do i look like?

i'm helplessly nocturnal.

what school do you attend? what year are you? what's your major? etc?
this is all answered in my spiel (yes, I know I spelled it wrong the first time!) that I've given way too many times. (Note: this is a bit out-dated now)

why haven't i emailed you back yet?
because i haven't, and perhaps i shan't.

who is 'bill walint?'
maybe you should ask him yourself.

who do i know that may be of interest to you?

why are your grades so crappy?
mayhaps because I'm a major slacker, and mayhaps because I spend too much time reading bookeries. :)

transcript - what do I have to hide!
resume - blatant self-advertisement.
schedule - an excellent stalking tool.


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